Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve! and 'A Taylor Craft'

We had several people over for New Year's Eve, and I didn't have to plan a THING since my husband did all the work! That felt really nice, and stress free. The problem was, so many people that came are going on the Hungarian mission trip too and I just wanted to have a big pow-wow meeting and discuss things about the trip (since we haven't officially done that yet, but we will next week...I think). But I managed to contain myself and play some games, eat too much food, and stay up WAY too late! We all had a lot of fun though.
Oh! Just remembered...I've started "A Taylor Craft" too! I've dabbled in various crafts over the years. So, I thought this is a great time and we have a great purpose to get the ball rolling! 100% of the profits made from the jewelry and various paper crafts will go towards our mission trip. The biggest motivation is to raise money for the Hungarian orphans so they can come to camp! I've started A Taylor Craft Facebook page, and I may start another free webpage, but it's still in the works. So, keep a look out! It's coming soon!

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