Monday, February 20, 2012

Playing Catch up!

I just looked at our blog and the last one was written almost a month ago - yikes! Yes, we've been a bit busy though. I have been really busy doing crafts on my "CNC machine for girls," as Matt calls it. Matt and I have sold several cards to friends, family, and coworkers. I had a couple Valentine card making parties. Matt's mom has made several quilts that she has sold too, to aid our fundraising effort. My dad's office also sent out 20 Valentine gift bags to their to top 20 referrals. The gift bags included magnetic heart-shaped puzzles which said "We Love Your Referrals" with the company's logo underneath. I put that in pillow boxes and tied them with a ribbon. Cute! The gift tag was the shape of a tooth (fitting for an orthodontists office) with the logo on the front and room inside for a breif message. It was a big project, but I had fun doing it and I hope everyone enjoyed their gift!
We had Spa Day at MOPS last Friday. Their where about 10 women who displayed their small business products. Along with the handmade quilts, I showed various product examples that I can recreate using my fun new toy. I wrote down a handful of potential leads and I'll have to get back to them as soon as I can. It's always neat to see what people are drawn too, so I know what to focus on. I had cards, paper artwork on canvas, temporary tattoos, magnets, beaded bookmarks. Now, I just need time to brainstorm and create some great new products, and set up a website, or blog. Lots to do in so little time, but all things are possible with God, eh? :)
We are finally about to send out our letter telling friends and family about our mission trip. My family is spread out all over the country, and we have several friends out of state too. So, it'll be nice to update everyone on our new adventure. If people are able to help out financially, great! But most of all, we (and our entire team) could use prayers throughout this entire process!
Next week, our team will meet with one of the leaders of the Hungarian American Fellowship after church. We are supposed to ask him questions about the trip. Last year, I directed VBS here at the church. (talking to myself here) Now, try to do that without seeing what I have to work with. hmmm... Well, I'll have lots of questions ready for him! I'm sure we'll be fine. There's a large group going, so we should have all our bases covered.

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