Friday, June 8, 2012

3 more weeks!

It's crunch time!  We have 3 weeks left and a lot to prepare for still!  Each member of the Team has been assigned certain roles while in Hungary, and we've seen more of an outline of what we'll be doing.  At night we'll hear a message (God and Creation / Adam and Sin / Abraham, Moses and the law / Jesus and the Cross / Paul and the Bible).  The morning after we'll break out in to small group sessions to talk about what we heard the night before.  Matt and I will help the younger kids during that time.  Between lunch and dinner, we'll have crafts (which I'm in charge of), activities (which Matt is in charge of), and games.  We have thought of some crafts and activities, but we need to firm those up asap so we can ask for supplies or buy them.  I just got done directing Vacation Bible School at our church, so that's my excuse for running behind.  : )  No, I really don't allow myself excuses actually.  The rest of the craft team and I really need to firm up our choices by tomorrow...I run a tight shift around here!  ha!  Tomorrow our Team is meeting again to learn more about Evangelism from our Pastor and a Hungarian family who lives nearby is going to come talk to us about their culture and things.  We're all excited!  I'm sure I'll be back soon with another update...stay tuned!

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